Sensory Hell

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A young man wandered the streets of Bellude; the towering structures around him blotted out the sun, and tiny slivers of ambient cold cascaded down to the slums where he walked. The warmth, although minimal, was the embrace of nature that his brain craved. Kicking up trash with each step, he could feel a hollow […]

It’s All Circular

its all circular

A child walked slowly, their feet scraping the ground with exhaustion, their body incapable of pulling them up from the curb. Their skin had been stained black with grease, their hair was slick and stuck together in large clumps. Their eyes showed the death that their mind and body felt. Looking ahead, they saw smoke […]

A Simple Man

a simple man

Not so long ago, I met a simple man; his name was Kieran. He wasn’t too tall or too short. He had a decent tuft of hair on his head. It was a pleasant brown, with flecks of blonde stripped through it. He had worn hands with pressed fingers that only retired tradesmen would acquire, […]

Wanna Hear Something Strange?

wanna hear something strange

Two strangers sat outside on cold concrete steps, taking drags from their cigarettes. They shivered in the cold. The alley they sat in was barely lit by the orange street lamp across the road, and the lights that were supposed to be working above the doors they sat in front of were smashed, despite being […]

Expansion Means More Maintenance

A small cargo spaceship limped its way through the Bellude system; the external lights flickered inconsistently as they struggled to stay lit. The ship’s rear engines only had three of the five thrusters firing, while the other two had the slight glow of pilot fire but no thrust. Inside the craft, there was bickering and […]

Level Headed

level headed

Alexander tapped his bare foot onto his ship console, making a beat where there was none. “This is ridiculous; we need music.” He slammed his hand down carelessly onto the intercom button. “Hey Ashley, can we please get the radio going?” There was a pause that was highlighted by the idle crackling of the intercom. […]

Through The Streets

through the streets

Sam knelt next to their bike, their hands buried into the engine as they maintained it. The ratchet clicked and wound as they fitted the final plate; standing back, they grinned and wiped the grease from their hands onto a rag. The engine shined through the patches of rust as Sam’s smile shined through the […]

My Mood

my mood

Lio stared at his new craft with pride; the grin on his face grew larger the longer he stared. Running backward excitedly, he called out to Iley. “Look at it, my sweet; look at how big it is.” Iley looked up from the work she was doing on the computer to see Liopractically bouncing. “It […]

Something Unrelated

something unrelated

Out in the void of space, on the edge of the Bellude solar system, a small ship shot past the furthest planets like a car passing trees in a forest. Inside was a human in an all-black suit, from a jacket and shirt to pants, socks, and shoes. Even their hands were covered with gloves […]

All The Facts

all the facts

A small craft maneuvered carefully as it entered the atmosphere of a small moon. The blue flames of its engines were drowned out by the red of the atmosphere collecting under his hull. The flames surrounded her till all she could see outside her craft was red. She relied on her sensors for the moment, […]

They Walk

they walk

Smoke and screams filled the air as the streets burned. Husks of vehicles lined the street as fire overflowed from their interior, escaping through any hole it could find. The nearby buildings sat empty, windows smashed in and mostly torn down. A stray person ran from one side of the street to the other, kicking […]

Junk Yards Are Not Junk

junk yards are not junk

Tires tore through the rough dirt of the desert. Their large tread crushed the dried dirt clumps into powder as the weight of the large truck rolled across them. The dust flung up and clung to the side of the truck. It drained the color from the paint as the layers of dirt became thicker. […]