This page is dedicated to the many worlds I am now creating to write about.

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Eventually I will create enough worlds here to entertain all who wander into my Eterna-verse.
Please enjoy.

Bellude (Science Fiction)

Bellude is not only the name of the industrial planet where the humans of this universe first awoke on, but also the name of the solar system they are in.
The Humans of Bellude have only recently set foot in space, but have already endured a near extinction event, and were pulled into a war they were not prepared for, for rewards that were not given.

 Earth-24Y (Modern-day Paranormal)

Earth-24Y is based during modern day Earth. It is an alternate universe where strange things start to happen all over the globe, there are those that seek to keep these paranormal events secret, but with the slow increase of strange events it is only time until everyone is aware.

Hollow (Horror Sci-Fantasy)

Hollow is Anodyne’s first world, a dark world. It is over run with nightmares that roam the scarred planets surface. The inhabitants who were stolen from Earth do all they can to survive, creating new cities and cultures that suit the planet. Following fringe science and revering science and knowledge above all else they treat the wisest of people as celebrities, and damning all who are too dumb, or weak to survive.

Dolor (High Fantasy)

Dolor is a high fantasy world filled with magic and intrigue. The surface of the world is over run with a diverse range of races, that claim the planets even more varied terrain. But deep down there are hidden locations and specialized races that hide secrets below the planets surface.