This page is dedicated to the many worlds I am now creating to write about.
Below you will find links to each worlds archives where you can read everything about select worlds.
Alternatively you can visit my archives tab on the main menu to read all stories as they are released.

Eventually I will create enough worlds here to entertain all who wander into my Eterna-verse.
Please enjoy.

Hobby stage

This link is to all my stories that I wrote before I decided to take writing seriously. It now acts as a prologue to Hollow and a great source of information on how deities work in my writing.




Dolor is a high fantasy world filled with magic and intrigue. The surface of the world is over run with a diverse range of races, that claim the planets even more varied terrain. But deep down there are hidden locations and specialized races that hide secrets below the planets surface.

On Dolor we follow a group called the dead men who set out onto the world with the intention of becoming heroes. but no matter where they go they find the heroic deeds completed mere days before their arrival. Unknown to them they are being watched, just not by the masses they desire.


 Bellude is a planet completely covered in city, While not all of it is based on land there are many under/surface water cities. Even cities that float in the sky. Bellude is just one of many worlds that all interact with each other via space travel or even teleportation.
The stories of Bellude follow two individuals who strive to know all that the universe has to offer. Surrounded by high tech equipment and aliens they have to put in the work to even scratch the surface of the knowledge of the universe.


Hollow is Anodyne’s first world, a dark world. It is over run with nightmares that roam the scarred planets surface. The inhabitants who were stolen from Earth do all they can to survive, creating new cities and cultures that suit the planet. Following fringe science and revering science and knowledge above all else they treat the wisest of people as gods.
The stories of Hollow do not follow any one person or group, it will jump all across the planet as you get to see the whole world.


Earth is Earth, but with a few alterations.
These stories follow Anodyne’s past life as a human on Earth, there are heavy emphasis on mental health that borders on the supernatural as we watch the decent into madness of Nicholas as he tries to figure out what is wrong with him as Anodyne interferes from above.