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Welcome to Enter The Hollow, a short story platform that transports you to extraordinary realms beyond your wildest dreams. Our collection of worlds spans across a vast array of genres, from the eerie and unsettling to the fantastical and otherworldly.

Embark on a journey through Earth24-Y, a parallel Earth that teems with supernatural horrors and eldritch terrors lurking around every corner. Explore the mysteries of Excress, a world where humans have died out and small vegetation has gained sentience. Brave the dark and treacherous realm of Hollow, where nightmares are born and monsters roam free.

In Dolor, experience a world steeped in myth and legend, where gods and heroes vie for power and glory. Journey to the technologically advanced world of Bellude, where space-faring adventurers battle alien threats and explore the unknown reaches of the universe.

And if that’s not enough, Enter The Hollow is constantly updating its collection of stories with new worlds that defy the laws of physics and reality.

Join us now and discover the boundless possibilities that await in our multiverse of wonder and terror.

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A nightmare world ruled by an insane god and populated by the Hollites, a society of humans abducted from Earth. Here, survival is key, and the fringe sciences reign supreme. Companies such as the Runners, who sell drugs by taking endurance-enhancing substances and sprinting across the planet, and the Hunters, a military police force tasked with protecting the cities, vie for control with the Vindicators, a crazed religious group that gains power by ingesting strange gems from their mountain.
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On the planet of Bellude, a once-thriving population has been replaced by a single, massive industrial city. The wealthy live in luxurious areas, while the poor are relegated to living in dirty, overcrowded slums. The corporations have taken over, controlling the government and the essential resources of the planet. Meanwhile, the populace is left to deal with the aftermath of a devastating war that has left dangerous weapons and military technology scattered throughout the system.
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Earth24-Y is a planet of intrigue, where the veil between our world and the paranormal is thin. This world is full of eerie happenings, mysterious creatures, and unexplainable events. On Earth24-Y, it’s not uncommon for things to go bump in the night.
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A planet once ruled by the immortal elves, is now a battleground for the dominant species. The elves’ inability to die from old age led to their eventual insanity, and their society crumbled, leaving the planet’s sentient species to fight for survival and dominance. Humans, dwarves, gnomes, goblins, orks, and a vast array of other unique species all now battle for control of the planet’s resources and magic. Meanwhile, the void, a powerful and enigmatic species, hover at the planet’s core, tapping into raw energy to grant themselves immense power.
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A fantastical planet where mushrooms have become the dominant species after a mysterious powder from a shattered asteroid changed them, granting them intelligence and humanoid features. The mushroom people now struggle to survive amidst the ruins of a long-dead human civilization, making their homes in the trash and rubble left behind. But they are not alone, facing threats from other intelligent creatures that were also affected by the powder, such as insects and small mammals.
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The Eterna-Verse is a sprawling, infinite multiverse teeming with deities and their societies, each universe more unique and surreal than the last. But for all its vastness, the Eterna-Verse can feel like a prison to its inhabitants, as they struggle to find purpose and meaning in their seemingly endless existence.
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Welcome to a world where reality and fantasy blur together, and the line between life and death is razor-thin. In a slightly futuristic society, a limited-run MMO game is released, promising to take players on an unforgettable adventure. But as soon as they enter the game, they discover that there is no way to log out, and if their character dies, they die too.
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