Escape Reality

Greetings all and welcome to the Hollow-verse.

Here you shall find a collection of short stories that follows the new born deity Anodyne, and his journey to remain in control of his planet, as others attempt to drive him away and claim his planet for their own.

Along the way he meets many other Deities, Demons, Cosmic horrors, Dimensional improbabilities, and much more.

By clicking the archives tab you can see everything I have written since my beginning in 2016.
The Collaborators tab is a list of people who have helped me on my journey, check them out and take a look at their links.
The Worlds tab will give you access to information on the worlds I write for. Giving you the background knowledge of each one.
The Events tab will have information on future events that I will be attending, along with past ones I have attended.
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I have recently started getting a voice actor to to do talking books for me on YouTube.
Additionally I have a song written about my writing with more on the way,