Light In The Darkness

light in the darkness

Oil dripped from a large tank that was underslung to the bottom of a large salvaging spacecraft. Two men stood staring at the minor leak as it started to pool on the floor. Lio stood with his arms folded and with his mouth ajar as he stared at the man next to him. “How?” He […]

Three Days

three days

Fire erupted from a steam pipe pointed high into the air above a busy street; those below the pipe recoiled and fell to the ground in a panic. Those further away looked over with shock before sprinting in the opposite direction. Screams broke out faster than those in the crowd could turn to run. The […]

Minimal Effort

minimal effort

Rebecca and Jack walked down the street, the sun flickering over their faces as the flying cars above broke the line of sight with the sky. Both Rebecca and Jack stared at those around them, looking for those who would notice sticky fingers upon their valuables. “Hey Jack, is it just me, or does no […]

An Audience Of Swans

an audience of swans

Groggy and barely able to stand, Rebecca and Jack made their way out of their gaming pods. “What time is it?” Jack said, rubbing his bloodshot eyes “What day is it?” Rebecca replied They looked at each other for a moment before breaking out into laughter. “We are definitely playing this again; this game will […]

The Fort And Her Leader

the forst and her leader

Marcus wiped the blood from his hammer, cleaning his face of sweat and splatter with his forearm. “I don’t mind being sprayed with blood normally, but this damn lizard blood has a stench to it.” Marcus sniffed at his forearm and recoiled, trying his best to shake it off. “Sticks too, great.” “Oh, quit your […]

The Eye Of God

the eye of god

Cheers from the crowds roared louder than the PA speakers that tried to silence them. They watched as the last of the families left the station, and boarded the final colossal craft that was docked. Hands pressed against glass, they cried with a mixture of sadness and joy as they watched their friends disappear into […]

The Iron Fist Of The Law

the iron fist of the law

Light emerged from her cloaked form just outside of Bellude, the planet she decided would be her first target to gain faith on. She watched as the enormous space station that floated above the planet was a port for all the space-fairing ships. The smaller single-person crafts seemed to fly beneath the station, docking in […]

Dead Ends And Doorways

dead ends and doorways

Heavy footfalls found their way through dark city streets, making their way through a maze of back alleys. Looking over their shoulder, the individual checked to ensure they were making their way without being followed. Small amounts of nearby apartment lights reflected off of their goggles before they pulled their hood over their head and […]