What do we want?

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In the deep recesses of space, far from any galaxy in the true void where not even the strange dare to tread, the wandering mass of a super black hole hunted its way slowly through existence, too far to reach any other mass in the universe, already consumed all within its grasp, all bar one […]

Welcome Home

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A large meteor shower cast darting lights of color across the nights sky, an almost cloudless night gave sight to all who wanted to see its splendor. Those who dare to venture out into the world of Hollow found themselves with a spectacle of pure beauty that the Holites valued greatly. Amongst one of the […]

Ashen Silhouette

Ashen Silhouette

The air resonated with screams of those about to suffer, their eyes transfixed on the cold finger of the Ashen Queen as she limply started to point in their direction. They scattered in every direction to escape the point; the ash mixed with the morning dew on the grass made their attempts to move with […]

The Person On The Hill

the person on the hill

A person sat down on a hill in the middle of the night, their right arm rested against their right knee, their hand shakily rose to their lips so they could take a drag from their cigarette, the strange plant material inside let off a green flame as they inhaled as much as their lungs […]



An individual ran through the cold of the night, their breath labored as they could taste iron in the back of their throat, and their breaths had turned into labored heaving. With each exhale, they let loose a torrent of phlegm and white vapor. Where once their arms had been driven through the air like […]

An Imp’s Journey

an imps journey

The small frame of an imp darted over rocks and rubble, its clawed feet scrapped on the stones beneath them. Its small wings twitched with excitement as they reached the peak of the mound they were climbing. Their feet slipped as the peak of the rubble slid away from under their feet; quickly, they caught […]

Let Me Feel

let me feel

A calm summer breeze rolled through the open plains, the grass swaying and shining under the pale light of the full moon that rose high into the night sky. Every star shone as brightly as they could, clear of light pollution. Picking up speed, the wind approached a rise, spilling into the small bowl-like hole […]

Welcome Back

welcome back

“Sir, don’t you think it has been a minute since you instilled your presence on Hollow?” The Conductor asked as he watched over Anodyne’s shoulder. Anodyne seemed oblivious to the Conductor’s remark. The Conductor leaned a little further over his shoulder to better understand what Anodyne was holding. “Someone, you, my lord?” He said as […]

Skin Pale And Body Limp

skin pale body limp

A gnarled, sick tree sat solitary in the middle of the woods. Its bark was stained red from blood and black from the pustules that grew and split from the sickness that took hold from within. Its thickest branch twisted and turned, outstretching from the short but stocky trunk of the tree. Pustules dot its […]

Master And Underling

master and underling

A man stood high above the surface of Hollow. Staring over the edge of one of the many floating islands that dotted the landscape, the man watched as conflict tore up the streets below. He waved his hand, and a child ran over to him, gripping a small device in their hand. “Now, what is […]

The River

the river

A lone man sat on a hill looking over the turbulent river that toiled down below him. He took a long, slow drag on his cigarette. His hands are almost locked into position from the years he has spent smoking. Scars covered his hands and arms; he picked at the fresh scabs with an absent […]

A Cold Flame

A cold flame

Three shrouded women walked quickly through the heavy rain, their feet leaving deep depressions on the now-muddied forest floor. A small frog jumped and landed in one of their depressions, leaping again to follow the footfalls of the three women. The deeper the women moved into the forest, the more frogs started to gather in […]