The Small Rock Excress

the small rock

Among the stars, there was a small rock named Excres. Upon its surface was a collection of ape-like creatures that ruled every facet of the terrain. But greed and war consumed them, first their hearts, then their souls. Bodies limp, their structures laid in ruins, and a cloud of strange dust falling from the sky […]

Big Beginnings

big beginnings

A planet rolled and moved through the emptiness of space; it basked in the golden glow of the nearby sun as it turned gently. Above the world, a deity stared down at the planet with excitement in their eyes; in their hands, they held a large rock that a soft green powder was floating out. […]

A New World

a new world

Anodyne sat in a hall of other deities; he leaned against the table with one arm, while with his other, he spawned a variety of insects to fight one another. His face remained still as the fights failed to raise his spirits. “Are you even listening?” A voice called out to Anodyne. He looked up […]