And so they should

And so they should

Anodyne sat alone as he looked over the tattered remains of someone he once knew. Their blood covered everything in sight; Anodyne held the remains, unsure which parts were the god he once knew and what was cloth. His hands shook softly as he slowly raised his head to see a blurry figure standing before […]

The oddities of the Strange Place

the oddities of the strange place

In the deep of the place where universes meet is a strange place of impossibilities that even the deities find challenging to navigate. However, those who do so successfully leave stronger than when they entered, and those who don’t become part of the strange place become an oddity. A deity stared at the precipice of […]

Mortality And Infinity

mortality and infinity

The Eterna-verse is a concept that mortals struggle to comprehend, but with such a large concept, it is no surprise. Ask a mortal to imagine a meter, and not only can they most likely imagine it, but they could even demonstrate it. If you ask for them to show you ten, their variance becomes a […]

Far Beyond

far beyond

A lone planet circled around its star; silent in space, it followed its course. The calm of its rotation was only a front, though; down on the surface, chaos reigned. The surface of the planet is unstable; large deposits of charged crystals defy the gravity of the planet, lifting large chunks of it into the […]

Hidden Secrets

hidden secrets

Vure wandered the vast, ordered halls of the Tenenment library, their hand gently stroking the spines of books as they passed them. They did not look at the category, row, or even the names on the books; they wandered with their eyes closed until they felt their hand stop upon the spine of a book […]



A small roaming planet wildly bounced around the void between universes. The planet was mostly barren, except for small towns that cropped up across the charred, broken, and scarred surface. Flashes of light dotted the surface as those with the ability to teleport to the planet through science and magic seek refuge, buying themselves shelter […]



Anodyne stepped slowly through the halls, his stride confident and calm. As he marched, his pace quickened until he took heavy strides, his chin was raised, and his eyes stared forward as if he were a hungry predator eyeing his prey. He ran a hand over his head; he could hear the hairs scraping against […]

The Wall

the wall

Anodyne was floating through one of the universes that had been created, he muttered to himself under his breath until his forehead collided with a stone wall. He stopped moving, his brow creasing. “I don’t remember putting a rock here.” He said out loud. Anodyne floated back slightly, then looked at the wall. He looked […]

An Abomination

an abomination

Anodyne awoke, his eyes as pitch black as the space that surrounded him; the sterling silver cross pupil darted from side to side as his body slowly adjusted to consciousness. His body, once limp and slowly floating through space, corrected itself as he awoke. His body was suddenly thrown to the nearby planet by an […]

A Beautiful Moment

a beautiful moment

A newborn deity floated in space, drifting aimlessly through the expanse without direction; they took in the sights the universe had to offer, admiring the celestial bodies and star clusters. The flickering of different colored stars illuminated the distance into a rainbow of color. “I feel odd.” She said to herself, “I think something is […]

Vure And Sylum

vure and sylum

Vure hovered over the surface of Hollow, silently following a Holite that ran around on the surface. Their eyes were transfixed as they followed the mortal from day to day; behind the edge of their mask, the curl of a smile could be seen. “What are you doing?” Sylum said, floating behind Vure. The smile […]



Anodyne stood perfectly still, his coat slowly shifting by the force of the wind. He was concentrated, focusing all his energy towards his hand, channeling it from his mind, through his heart, around the stomach, then back out to his hand where he grasped the air and a door handle appeared. With a sigh of […]