I am losing my friends

I am losing my friends

Nicholas sat alone in his room, writing on his laptop, putting the next story for the website down before it flowed from his mind. He was as diligent as he could be, but as the small hours of the night rolled by, his eyes began to feel heavy whenever he took a moment to rest […]

Faith Meets Worship

faith meets worship

A small fire crackled into the cold air, flickers of embers cooled to a soft ash that floated away on the upwards draft. Around the small fire, two friends sat with a drink in hand and a joint resting in the corner of one of their mouths as the other searched through the bag for […]

An Exciting End

an exciting end

Two people in ill-kept white ties stood on a hilltop smoking, their eyes glazed over with boredom, their fingernails housed dirt, and their shoes through to their shins were covered in mud. The deep depressions into the hill are a clear indicator of where they came from. Down the hill, the mud was slightly drier […]

I Am Going To Write

i am going to write

Nicholas stood outside his new home with his hands on his hips and a smile on his face. He looked up at the run-down shed with desire in his eye. He turned to Ryan, who stood by his side; extending his grin further, he wrapped his arm around him. “Are you excited?” Ryan asked, and […]

A Winning Smile

a winning smile

Nicholas wandered aimlessly down the main street, cruising on his board. He enjoyed the cool night air on his face as he wandered from club to club, laughing at the drunks and chatting with the bouncers outside. Rolling down the main thoroughfare late at night, he often found himself dodging stray legs, stumbling drunks, and […]

Pale Green Eyes

pale green eyes

A young boy sat in his bed with his blanket pulled high to his face as his Mother sat on the corner of his blanket; she flicked through a small book with a worn spine and faded colors on the cover. “We don’t have to read from this book; we can go back to your […]

My Day Has Disappeared

my day has dissapeared

Nicholas sat, staring wide-eyed at the opposing wall. He did not blink; nothing but a soft static echoed inside his ears. He blinked and shook his head as if he was breaking a hypnosis effect. His eyes ached, and it wasn’t until now that he noticed his mouth had been open slightly, leaving him with […]

Mind Of Madness

mind of madness

One late night in the center of town, a man wandered the streets of his city. He stepped with haste, his face covered with a black hood and his arms filled with a thick black trash bag, his back was weighed down with a backpack, and his eyes darted in every direction. The city was […]

Going Camping

going camping

A small home in the suburbs was alive with the bustle of movement and light. Shadows cast on the nearby houses as those inside scampered around. “Hey Eden, do you know where the lantern is?” Declan shouted as he pulled his head out of his duffle bag. “I think Fox already packed it, but it […]

Not A Surprise

not a surprise

As the sun crept over the trees, it slowly fell upon a campsite hidden in the woods. Silently it crept down the tree line until it encroached on the tents, illuminating them individually and causing those inside to stir. Where the light touched, the heat followed the final straw that caused those inside the tent […]

Why Do You Love Me?

why do you love me

Nicholas and his partner walked hand in hand up to a large gnarled tree; burn marks scarred its internal chamber that had been home to many homeless. Its branches stretched high, twisting towards the sky with minimal collections of leaves at the end of the barren branches. Its roots dove and wove through the ground, […]

Where The Journey Begins

where the journey begins

Nicholas woke from a long-needed nap to the shunting of a train carriage. Crusted sleep flaked and fell from the corners of his eyes as he blinked awake, vision becoming a blur of red and white as he rubbed away what remained. He took a moment to enjoy the pleasure of scratching out the fatigue, […]