Kindness Is Not Weakness

kindness is not weakness

A small cart was pulled down an idyllic countryside road; the grass flats surrounding the cart were lush, vibrant, and spotted with flowers of all colors. The trees nearby bore fruit, adding a sweet scent to the air, and the distant hills added shape to the horizon, allowing for the golden rays of the morning […]

The Journey

the journey

Soft clouds drifted lazily across the blue sky, and tall mountains in the background cut shapes into the horizon with its dark stone and snowy peaks. A strong river flowed from melted snow at the base of the mountains, winding its way down and past a small country town that sat on an open plain. […]

Anderstine’s Forest

anderstines forest

All through the Eterna-verse are Deities, worlds, stars, and things the mortal minds have yet to discover to be possibilities. On one small planet, in a deep seeded wood, hidden far away in a mountain range, a lone individual resided in a small cabin home. His hands were wrapped with bandages, and his face and […]

What Is Useful, What Is Needed

what is usefull what is needed

On the edge of a small dirt town, a small boy stood staring into the back of a wandering cart that had made base just out of his little village. The man who owned the cart was bartering goods from it, selling off food, seeds, lines of cloth, and most importantly, books. After the hordes […]

An Old Friend

an old friend

A silver-haired man shuffled through a forest, his pot belly hiding his toes from sight. He gripped a small thatched basket under his arm as he wandered aimlessly through the woods, admiring the small flowers that grew around the base of the trees. The flowers grew like colorful halos around the base of their trunks, […]

Think Harder

think harder

Deep into a cave system beneath the planet’s surface of Dolor, two individuals wandered by the soft, flickering, orange light of their lanterns. It cast shadows across the walls of the caves; they shifted as they moved between the tall stalagmites, ancient and strong with time. The pale stone was grey, layered, and woven with […]

In The Jungle

in the jungle

Soft soil, humid air, and the sound of metallic armor filled the Eastern jungle. High above the ground in the thick of the branches, a single Denirog looked down at the human invaders. They leaned from their spot and gripped tightly against the bark of the tree; when they felt as if they were far […]

The Thrumming Mountains

in the thrumming mountains

A young woman ambled from the angled stones that towered into the sky, creating the eastern side of the Thrummed Mountains. Her clothes were torn, and she was covered in blood. Her short hair stuck to itself as the blood in it congealed under the relentless beating of the sun. She grabbed fistfuls of the […]

In The Sand

in the sand

A man sat in a cave with a heavy beige jacket, pants, and boots. On his head was a wide-brimmed hat with a flap at the back to protect his neck; in his hands, an old tome, and behind him were three tall individuals, fully wrapped with bandage-sized cloth. The man ran his finger from […]

Sailing On The Forest

sailing on the forest

Two young men slowly paddled their dingy through black waters, the moon giving it a silver lining as it continued from its penultimate position in the sky. A soft shimmer of breath came from each of the boys as they paddled, obscuring their vision briefly before they had to take another heavy breath. “Hey, Tommie, […]

Going Hunting

going hunting

A man wandered down a long winding road, the city behind him. He was headed westward. The hard-compact dirt slowly became loose as he ventured the way less traveled. Constantly raising a hand to the thick bushes that tried to seize the path as their own. Snapping his way through the next gathering, he turned […]

Tall And Strong

tall and strong

A man wandered the paved street of his town, his back straight and his head held high his plated armor glistened with the blood of his most recent victim. He looked down on all who passed, his head sitting a head higher than all of those around him. He carried his great sword out of […]