Legulate’s Legacy – The First Trial

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Date: 2880 bdod 13 28th

Today I officially received my acceptance letter into the Hunter training program; my years of dedication to the body have not been for nothing. Although I still have to make it through the trials, I am confident that I will be a Hunter before the next year is gone. I have two days before I make my way onto the training grounds; I hope I am ready.

Date: 2880 bdod 13 30th

This is it, my last hours of freedom. Soon to be taken away by the brutal Hunter training. January 1st is only hours away; I am going to go to the gates of the HQ at midnight to see my future home on the day it became my own.

– Continued –

Date: 2880 bdod 13th 30th (2350)

I am outside the gates of the HQ, minutes away from a new day, and already there is a gathering of what looks like other applicants. They did say that trials would begin early in the morning, but surely not as the days changed.

Date: 2879 bdod 1st 3rd

My body aches; it is bruised and covered with blisters, cuts, and sores. We are only given two hours of rest before the next trial begins; I know I won’t be able to sleep, so instead, I am going to make notes of the last trial in case I do not get in this year and need to go over what I did wrong.

The Trial began two days ago on 2879 bdod 1st 1st (0010)

The Hunter HQ had hundreds of applicants standing outside; not a single one of them was willing to risk missing this opportunity that happens once every year. The instruction was clear,

“Early morning on the new year.”

The minds of the applicants all came to the conclusion that there was no earlier point in the morning than the first night. As they suspected, the gates began to open as the year turned over, and the applicants all took form in front of the gates lining up and standing at attention. I was lucky enough to be standing in front center; I saw them enter in their full glory.

The air raid sirens sounded deafening the other applicants and myself; next, the floodlights  beamed down. While everyone else sheltered their eyes, I stepped forward out of the light allowing for my eyes to adjust to the well-lit courtyard lying before me. Others soon followed, but not before they arrived.

Out from the top of the HQ, three smoke clouds rose into the sky; they were hard to see at first, but each time they crossed a spotlight, a trail of their black smoke would linger; as they neared the landing, they sounded off in the union as their signature call screeched into everyone’s ears. The well-known and terrifying Crow sound heightened in pitch as they landed, filling the courtyard with black smoke. The blue eyes from the masks cut through the thick smoke as all three members walked out; even though I was there to apply the plague masks still chilled me to the bone.

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I hope that someday I will be marching towards the new recruits with such confidence. That I can wear the Hunter uniform and inspire fear into the eager-eyed fools trying to start their own Hunter Journey.

We got to watch them for longer than a lot of us realized.

– Continued –

Date: 2879 bdod 1st 1st (0030)

The Hunters walked out of the gates yelling at us to follow; they started to run and said we were to keep up with them or we failed.

– Continued –

Date: 2879 bdod 1st 1st (0300)

Our run had finished at this point, not that we were running very fast. The sheer distance that was covered and the time we were moving was exhausting, I could only see one individual that was still fine after the run, and they were a skinny, fully covered-looking weed; doubt they will perform when the strength trials come along. As for this endurance ones went they survived incredibly.

We were given the gracious break time of ten minutes before we were to begin the next stage. They made this clear by counting down the full ten minutes; this only struck insecurities into a vast group of the applicants, you could see it. The three hunters still stood tall; I was still unable to see them breathing even after the run we had just finished.

As the Hunters neared the end of their countdown, one spoke out as the other two continued. He was larger than the other two; he was definitely the hammer in this tool kit. He was very quiet as he spoke, so I know those still breathing heavily would have missed his words.

“The next segment of this trial is, laying down.”

Everyone collapsed with a sigh of relief; he then followed up.

“You are all to lay down with your eyes closed, then when I decide we are going to leave. I will clap once; anyone still asleep will be left behind.”

This was probably the cruelest segment of the trial; not only is it difficult to stay awake, but having to go from relaxed to what’s next would be very hard. I know I fell asleep more than once during that test. But I was awake for the crucial moment when the quietest clap I have ever heard sounded off. It was a cheeky move, but they were clearly testing our focus. Over half of the entries were left sleeping in the middle of a park in town.

– Continued –

Date: 2879 bdod 1st 1st (0700)

More running had to happen; this time, it was through the thick foliage of a wild forest park within the city’s borders. Here is where I came the closest to failure, I stumbled and fell over a large majority of shrubs and dead logs. I was severely cut and bruised through this segment; it was made worse as I watched the scrawny guy flourish as he effortlessly glided over every obstacle. I was so busy watching him I fell more times than I should.

I will have to make sure I focus more next time if I am to fail this time.

– Continued-

Date: 2879 bdod 1st 1st (1200)

The rest of the trial was a workout session followed by a written exam.

The way that was written makes it sound easy, but the written exam had a 24-hour completion time, of which I used most of mine. These trials are much greater than I could have ever realized, but I guess they are needed if we are to fight the nightmares of Hollow, along with the Vindicator cult, from the top of the crystal cavern mountain.

“Creeden, the Vindicators are gearing up. What are you doing in here?”

Creeden smiled, closing a dusty journal.

“Looking over old memories, but that can wait. We move everyone; I am not taking any chances with this attack; I need to show her I am ready.”