This page is and will remain cannon for my universe.

This is all my writing from when I did it as a hobby, it now serves as a chaotic prologue for both Hollow, and how my universe works.

All Hollow stories will now start from the end of this timeline to remove my need to update this page.
I hope you enjoy this culmination of works I wrote as I was figuring out what I wanted.



Call of a stranger
A Hollow welcome
Window walker
Anodyne returns
Nothing staring back
We do not like her
Let us begin
I don’t feel so lonely anymore
The seven sea sisters
On the seventh day
An empty shell of a man
Here comes trouble
Run nightmares run
Baby steps
Hard nights sleeping
A dream within a nightmare
Is that why you called it Hollow


The risen king
Tread not the Penrose stairs
New face, familiar smell
This is death
Hollow circus Part 1
Hollow circus Part 2
Hollow circus Part 3
Hollow circus Part 4
Enadrome and Oculi
Huntress in the night
On a moonless night
The wanderer
The library part 1
The library part 2
The library part 3
You earn your title
Hope mirrored is despair
It’s good to be king
Macabre beauty
Second to one
Only the strongest learn
More trouble than your worth
The land of gods
Aramaia’s eyes
45 years is near
Mr Fatal
A cold flame
Dr. Anathemia
Legulates legacy
What do you want
Ruling another world
The wisdom of a god or a fool
Unbridled Rage
A lazy Sunday afternon
Today we move forward
Forging more than a sword