Where Do I Belong?

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“So please explain this to me, Anodyne; you were mad at one of the many other gods of the many other universes for mistreating their creations, so you steal them and torture them for yourself?”

“So that is how this is going to go, yes, I did exactly what made me mad, but it is different because the people have to be sacrificed  to destroy their god.”

“Oh, really, and how does sacrificing the creations of one god destroy them?”

“Because if a god’s creations are tormented by themselves or each other, it puts them through so much unbearable pain that they cannot move. That is why once I bring them through to my world, I spawn nightmares from their fears to harm them, technical self-harm, thus causing pain upon the god.”

“How can pain truly affect a god?”

“Well, only a god can hurt a god; gods are only immortal because our creations see us that way. When a god enters a conflict with another, it is as two equals, except with much greater power at our disposal.”

“You said that you spawn nightmares that have sentience, but we have on record that you cannot create sentient life, so which stories are true?”

“Well, both; I am not creating the life; I am taking it from the realm of sleep and moving it into reality. It is a straightforward trick for a god to do, so it is not the creation of life. Simply moving a being from one plane of existence to another.”

“This is all fascinating. Would you mind if I continued with a few more questions?”

“Not at all, Mrs, Mr, I um, who are you?”

Anodyne stared into the black that surrounded him, his loneliness slowly crushing him till he found solace, curling into the fetal position where his tears stained his shirt as he drifted through space alone.

“Where do I belong?”