The Seven Sea Sisters

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I forget what day it is; I have lost track of time attempting to create life. My creations still do not surpass my first; I would have to have a first for them to beat my first. I am eons in, and my hands still fail to summon intelligent life; I can give birth to plants of nearly sentient nature, but I still fail to create my own humans.

I have spent decades sculpting the land just to lay it to waste in fits of rage as my abilities as a deity see their limits. Upon an island I lay, no room for anyone else, not that I could create anyone to enjoy my spec of land with me. At Least, that is what I thought; now, while it was not the life I created, I was visited by a deity from Earth. Earth was where my mortal lives lived; it was bizarre seeing one of the gods that crafted my origin planet. They saw me lonely and emotion-filled, crafting just to destroy due to fits of anger, sadness, hopelessness, and soul-crushing loneliness. The deity was gracious and offered me asylum in their universe where I may rest and watch how they created life. I spent a few lifetimes watching my old lives go by, remembering past events long forgotten. Years went by as I watched their creations grow and develop; I ventured to and from Earth, trying to figure out the secret to craft life.

I fail to recall how many times Earth’s deity started their world over, each time learning how to better appease the people of Earth, learning how to lead Humans down a path that leads them to happiness. I want my chance to create a world where I restart over and over, making the perfect life for my inhabitants. I will be patient as this deity is, and one day, I hope to be rewarded with the gift of creating life.

Time, I fear I am running out of it, even though I have lost count of all the iterations of Earth. I am tired of waiting, living in the shadow of this pretentious deity; they claim to be for the people, but even now, after all I have seen, each Earth has been as bile as the last. Mistake after mistake, key humans ruining the world, and this so-called deity does nothing but wipe the slate clean and try again, letting their people suffer once more. I visited Earth through different time eras in different versions seeking to help but unable to do any good before the world resets, and my efforts were for nothing. Every version of Earth that arrived, I would wait for one time where I could visit one orphanage; there, I would bring pets and tell stories to a small group of girls and make them happy before the cold could take them.

I would tell them fantasies of sailing in ships all over the world where they got to see all the wonders Earth could hold, the whole time running from pirates and creepy sea monsters. They loved the excitement of monsters and bad men; I tried my hardest to make sure I was not too scary. No matter how well I prepared them, the Deity of Earth had written they were to die of the cold, poor, alone, and hungry in their little book of destiny carried on their person.

This deity was no idiot; they could sense my hatred and, in return, said they decided to let me vent, let me change one thing in their world. Without hesitation, I ran as fast as I could to the Orphanage, where I greeted the seven girls once again; I offered them freedom and a chance to survive in my world. They were elated; they jumped and grabbed what little they had; hand in hand, I took them to my world. Entire eons had passed in my world as I left it, neglected to watch Earth; I had nothing but a small island and oceans to cover the rest; I could see the disappointment in their eyes. Had I done wrong, was this fate worse than what the other Deity had done? Had I lived too long and simply forgotten what humans need? No, I was going to give them a life worthy of all they had been stripped of, so I told them with words of the mind; I gave them visions of all the lives they lived and what their Deity had written of them in the book of fate. I flooded their minds with the memories of all the lives they had lived.

Never had I felt hate this strong; I saw pain and anguish that dwarfed the pain I felt through the eons I sat alone; theirs was true pain. I asked them what they wanted, all seven stared at me with hate burning in their eyes, one word uttered between them in perfect unison “REVENGE.”

As this word was uttered, I felt my body overwhelmed with emotions; I was incapable of crafting my own thoughts. My mind was filled with raw emotions; I could feel the girls in my mind screaming. Although there were only seven, I saw every iteration of them that ever existed, all of them demanding revenge.

I could not deny them; I had seen the suffering of innocent’s time after time, and this time, the innocent would claim what was owed, a life for a life, and they are owed more lives than I could count. I told them to wait; they trusted me. As I jumped back to Earth, and they awaited my return. I could feel them, their thoughts, the once sweet thoughts of seven little girls turned sour by the visions of lives gone by.

Their deity did not seem to notice me this time; they were busy redoing what was already redone. I could feel their cravings; each time I walked past a human, I could feel their rage burn inside my brain. I was incapable of controlling myself, I could feel the emotions of all the inhabitants of my planet, and all of them were full of rage. I was unaware that I had released every soul of every version of those seven girls into my world. My young mind was unprepared for the minds of so many; even though I had lived for eons, it was nothing compared to the amount of times those girls had existed. If I counted the versions of Earth where they existed, it would surpass my age by a number I have yet to name

Every time I drew close to one of the humans, I would collapse as the rage from the seven brought me to my knees, I could not handle the emotions they were capable of; if I were to handle taking more, I would need a way to harness their emotions a conduit to channel my emotions through. Although I knew what needed to be done, I could not as I lay crippled by a stew of negative emotions; I flickered in and out of Earth’s physical plain. Eventually, I found myself stable in the physical plain, curled in a ball next to a carnival, weeping and writhing like a babe out of mother’s arms. I had no hope as I lay there, incapable of moving. But then a man in a strange outfit laid his hand upon me, asking me if I needed help; I saw my chance and acted. I grasped his head, knocking off his hat; I funneled all my emotions and those of the girls through this man. His head burned as he was removed from his own body so he could be filled with what he did not know. At that point, I could see everything I needed; I did not need to create life; I was going to harvest it. I gleamed into the man’s mind, the circus conductor now the conductor of my emotions, he had dreams and nightmares, and these are what I will harvest to give birth to life in my world. My emotions had been drained, but the essence of the girl’s emotions still remained; I was now nothing but an empty husk filled with pain.

I returned to my girls, all sitting patiently with eager grins; they asked if he was their first prayer, and I turned to see my conduit standing behind me; he explained he was now a part of me, so where I go, he follows. I told the girls they would have to wait for this man was mine, a necessity if we were to burn the lives of others. I told them they would have eternity to roam my world in a boat like the stories, a group of deadly pirates ready to plunder the lands of all humans I steal to my world. With that, I brought forward seven mighty vessels, with each a crew for them to control, not of my creation but harvested from the nightmares of those on Earth. I tell them that I will give birth to a new world, one with wide oceans for them to rule and lands for them to plunder filled with the humans I steal from Earth, tormented by the very nightmares they have each night. I was going to ensure that these girls got what they craved, to show all others from Earth the true meaning of pain. Together we would rule my world, a world named after the condition of my soul.