How Indeed

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“Are you still confused as to where you belong, Anodyne?”

Anodyne continued to float in silence through space, basking in the warmth of a nearby sun.

“Do you lay in the sun because the warmth comforts you?”

“I lay in the sun because I like to be over hot; it makes me sleepy.”

“Then why is Hollow so cold? Why make a planet with nearly no sunny days if you enjoy the warm sunshine?”

“Hollow was not always so cold; when it first started, there were many warm days, but as I gathered more humans and their negative emotions filled me, I was fueled with more hatred than I could imagine. As my negative emotions grew, so did the negative attributes of hollow.”

“So you are nothing but an empty husk, a shell that allows others to empty their personality into you.”

“The last life I lived saw what my first lives failed to see. He saw himself as not himself, just small parts of those around him. He was the only life I lived that saw that he had no personality, just a mix of personalities he had encountered as he picked and chose the parts of others he enjoyed to be a part of him.”

“It amuses me how you lower life forms look back on what you used to be as if you have changed.”

“Lower life form? I am a god. There are none higher than me; I used to be a lowly human,. Now I am eternal a force to be reckoned with.”

“You are nothing but a human with long life and some new tricks; you are far from eternal you may not age, but you can still die. This universe is nothing but a small  part of the multi-verse, which is an atom compared to the true size of the Eterna-verse.
Do you really think that you are the pinnacle of creation and that great power ends with you? You are merely in the testing stage.”

Anodyne sat wide-eyed into the black as a tsunami of thoughts rushed through his mind as nervous laughter escaped his lips.

“So I am just some insignificant little bug incapable of seeing the bigger picture? I have visited the multi-verse. My first humans came from another universe. I do not remember seeing any Eterna-verse looming overhead.”

An eerie laugh filled Anodyne’s ears as his head spun, trying to find the source.

“Well, you can’t see me; that does not mean that I do not exist, simply that your thoughts are too narrow to allow you to see the bigger picture as you put it. The only reason I am even here is because you seemed to gain access to the multi-verse faster than the average.”

“So, who are you, and how do I get to see you?”

“How, indeed?”